Quiz Format - Tata Crucible UAE

The 2021 edition of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz – Dubai, will be held completely online, right from registrations to prelim and also the Quiz Finals.

  • One level of Prelim
  • 2 wild card rounds
  • 1 Grand Finale


  • This prelim will be for all registered participants.
  • This is a software-based round.
  • 30 questions. 15 minutes.
  • The top 12 from prelims will progress to the 2 Wild Card Rounds, after due validation process. If there are any dropouts or if participation of any of the top 12 scorers is considered invalid at this stage, then the next top scorers from 13th spot onwards will be invited to complete the 12 spots for the 2 wild card rounds. Totally 12 participants will qualify for two wild card rounds (6 in each round).

Wild Card Round

  • The top 12 scorers from prelims, after due validation, will participate in the wild card rounds.
  • There will be 2 wild card rounds with 6 participants in each round.
  • These rounds will be conducted by the Quizmaster Live.
  • From each of these 2 wild cards rounds the top 3 will qualify for the Grand Finale.

Grand Finale

  • The 6 finalists, top three from each of the two wild card rounds will compete in the Grand Finale.
  • The top scorer will be crowned the Champion, Second top scorer as 1st Runner up and Third top scorer as 2nd Runner up.
  • The Quiz Finals which includes two Wild Card rounds and 1 Grand Finale event, will be held on a digital platform and hosted by Quizmaster Pickbrain. Detailed instructions will be sent to the shortlisted participants prior to the event.