Corporate Quiz Results - TCS and Caterpillar take Chennai

On a warm and humid Saturday evening, the quizzing fraternity of Chennai were treated to a high quality Tata Crucible which a few regular teams described as ‘tougher than last year’ quickly adding ‘we prefer it this way, though!’. The finalists who qualified from the prelim were

Tata Track Finalists

  • TCS: Arun Kumar and Anbazhagan
  • TCS: Praneeth Ruperts and Varun P
  • TCS: Ramesh N and Ayyappa K
  • TCS: Jayakanthan and Sreekanth
  • TCS: Prahas and Nikhil Sharma
  • TCS: Bharathan and Gurunath

Non Tata Track Finalists

  • Infosys: Muthu and Hari
  • Wipro: Vignesh and Arijith
  • Sanmar Group: Ramkumar Shankar and Kesari Prasad
  • Caterpillar: Balaji and Arun Laxman
  • Yes Bank: Deepak and Siddharth
  • Infosys: Senthil Kumar and Vivek V

The Tata track of the quiz was swept by Jayakanthan and Sreekanth who dominated the quiz from word go to thunder their way into the national final while the non Tata track was a very tentative cautious battle which seemed to have teams foxed in repeated catch 22 situations on whether to take risks given the high quality of questions that Pickbrain hurled at them.

While in the beginning it looked like a close fight between the teams, as the quiz progressed the duo from Caterpillar accumulated a good lead and then played a very prudent and calculative game without letting any room for the other teams to gain ground. There were moment of brilliance from Infosys, Wipro and Sanmar but they could not accelerate enough to catch up with Caterpillar.

An unforced error by Sanmar cost them the runner up title as Caterpillar coupled good quizzing with a lot of maturity to win their first Crucible title.


Results (Tata Track)

  • WINNER: TCS – Jayakanthan and Sreekanth
  • RUNNER UP: TCS – Bharathan and Gurunath

Results (Non Tata Track)

  • WINNER: Caterpillar – Balaji and Arun Laxman
  • RUNNER UP: Infosys – Senthil Kumar and Vivek V