Corporate Quiz Results - Tata Steel and RS Communication win Lucknow

Tata Steel and RS Communication win Lucknow

Lucknow witnessed a truly a high calibre of quizzing at the Tata Crucible corporate edition for 2009. The evening began with the prelim and was followed by the first final for the Tata Track. Notably, this is the first time this track is being held at Lucknow.

Three teams from Tata Motors and one each from Taj, TCS and Tata Steel made it to the final. In the five rounds that followed Siddharth Mishra and Rahul Gaur of Tata Steel truly stamped their authority on the final scoring 100 points which according to Pickbrain could be the highest ever at an internal track final. The battle for the second spot was close between two Tata Motors teams and a team from TCS but at the end of it all it was Sourabh Pushkarna and Somesh Tandon from Tata Motors who finished behind Tata Steel.

This was followed by the non Tata track of the quiz. The finalists were:

  • Jaipuria Inst Of Mgmt : Ravi Gupta & Dr.Rashmi Pant
  • NTPC: Sanjit Dutta & Amit Kumar Goyal
  • Sanchetna Financial Services : Siddharth Mishra & Lokesh Kumar Singh
  • Roopa Sona (RS) Communications : Ankit Nath & Siddharth Mukund
  • Sanchetna Financial Services : Sandeep Pandey & Niraj Pareek
  • Reserve Bank Of India : Hemanth Kumar Soni & Arun B

All the teams started well in the final prompting Pickbrain to comment that it would be a close finish. As the rounds progressed RBI moved forward into the lead with very clever answers especially on the finance related posers. RS Comm and Sanchetna were behind them but not too far.

The buzzers came into play and the tension was palpable. RS Comm now inched ahead of the rest with RBI and Sanchetna right behind. As the quiz moved from one question to another, the fate of the quiz seemed to fluctuate with each single question making it an edge of the seat thriller.

It all finally came down to the last round where RBI got one wrong to fall back while the young duo from the startup – RS Comm stayed calm to win just ahead of Sanchetna Financial Services who for the second year in a row finished Runner Up.

The guests of honour Mr.Jayanth Krishna and Mr.Saxena from the Tatas urged the young corporate to build brand UP and congratulated the teams for the super show.

Results ( Tata Track )

  • Winners: Tata Steel – Siddharth Mishra and Rahul Gaur
  • Runner Up: Tata Motors – Sourabh Pushkarna and Somesh Tandon

Results ( Non Tata Track )

  • Winners: RS Communication – Ankit Nath and Siddharth Mukund
  • Runner Up: Sanchetna Financial Services – Siddharth Mishra and Lokesh Kumar Singh