Corporate Quiz Results - Savoir Faire wins by a whisker


Triton Communications - Mahesh Manjawala and Mayur Rana


Thermax - Ladgaonkar Aanand and Gandhi Jay

‘It is Goan quizzing that has won today’ remarked quizmaster Pickbrain to an endorsing applause by the audience which sat on through a complete edge of seat, nerve racking final which nearly witnessed the reigning national champion of the quiz crash out at a regional stage.

A very interesting prelim saw the following teams make it to the final…


  • Splash Communication :Ameya M and Aniruddha S
  • Savoir Faire :Harshavardhan and Rajiv D’ Silva
  • Machado and Co :Ramakrishna Kambli and John Rodrigues
  • Lotus Landmarks :Ashish N and Shoaib Syed
  • Mavenz Management and Tech :Nitin Narayan and Ms.Gargi Narayan
  • Zuari Industries :Sunny Pandey and Deep Sagar L

The final started with four of the six teams getting off the mark and the nerves began to play out early. Tentative answers and long discussions marked the approach by the teams as they all moved in a huddle into the buzzer phase. While Savoir Faire looked steady, Splash and Lotus looked very good as the latter with a young team took their chances and challenged all the teams bravely.

A couple of good strikes and Savoir Faire were in the lead but only just as Splash and Lotus caught up with Lotus inching ahead with one round to go. The final set of questions were so tense that one could feel the silence in the hall. Savoir Faire inched to the lead again of the penultimate question as the scores read Savoir Faire 50, Lotus 45 and Splash 30.

With one question remaining the prospect of an upset loomed large at Goa as the young duo from Lotus went for the final question but got a negative to go down to 35 and off the next clue Splash capitalized and won the runner up finishing with 40. Savoir Faire, the champions again but certainly shaken!

It was therefore appropriate for Pickbrain to suggest Goa was the true winner in a battle that witnessed the rise of a young team who came so close to glory that a year from now they would be viewed as very serious challengers.