Corporate Quiz Results - Raipur – Bhilai Steel top Raipur debut

Raipur – Bhilai Steel top Raipur debut


Bhilai Steel Plant - Sanjay Shamkuwar and Manojkumar Prasad

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Raipur – Bhilai Steel top Raipur debut


Brighton International School - Abhinay Singh and Satish P

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On a quite Tuesday afternoon there was a lot of excitement and buzz at Raipur even before the debut edition of Tata Crucible unfolded. As word trickled in that the incoming flight with quizmaster Pickbrain had been cancelled there were anxious quizzer enquiring what would happen. However the quizmaster did land just 15 minutes behind schedule and started graciously with an apology for no fault of his and assuring he would still finish the even on time. It set the tone for a professional quiz with a businesslike approach from a seasoned quizmaster. Certainly something new and big had arrived at Raipur. The prelim led to the following finalists.

  • Bhilai Steel Plant : Sanjay Shamkuwar and Manojkumar Prasad
  • Brighton International School : Abhinay Singh and Satish P
  • Bhilai Steel Plant : Chandrashekar and Ramani
  • Bhilai Steel Plant : JPS Jaggi and K Shekar
  • IIM Raipur : Ajit Prasad and Rajeev Roy
  • Bhilai Steel Plant : Sandeep Jain and Harpreet Singh

The final was a galaxy of teams from Bhilai Steel Plant and two different sets of academicians, a school teacher duo and two professors from IIM. The quiz was tight from the word go. All teams on stage seemed like champions battling for every point. The early rounds of the quiz saw the team from BSP of Chandrashekar and Ramani move ahead while the other BSP teams were not too far behind. Also scoring at a good pace were Brighton International School and IIM Raipur.

The scene remained the same in the rounds that followed but the duo of Sanjay and Manojkumar from BSP did not take any negatives and that kept them in the hunt along with the school teachers who came up with some outstanding answers.

In the end it was a tie breaker for the top spot between BSP (Sanjay and Manojkumar) and Brighton International School which the former clinched to move into the Eastern Zonals.