Corporate Quiz Results - NTPC declared UP champs

NTPC declared UP champs


NTPC : Prashanth and Sidharth Shankar

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Runner up

Asian Paints :Sachin and Pratyush

The buzzing business hub of Noida and Ghaziabad, had a Friday evening party with a twist. They witnessed a riveting quiz hosted by ace quizmaster Pickbrain. A quick prelim of 20 questions led to the top six teams.


  • Value Research : Raktim Nag and Vikas.V
  • IMT Ghaziabad : Anand Khanna and Vishal Goyal
  • Rate Gain : Sanish Samuel and Azhar Khan
  • Asian Paints : Sachin and Pratyush
  • Bertelsmann : Chinmay Kamat and Sai Araveti
  • NTPC : Prashanth and Sidharth Shankar

The final, after the initial few questions, was a heated battle between a young Value Research team and the seasoned NTPC team with Asian Paints and Bertelsmann also playing their part well.

The battle however quickly changed gears with the Value Research team playing high value on their answers and getting to a huge lead. In the quest to chase them down the other teams tried but no one could realistically get close to them.

The second-place battle therefore was tense and went right into the final round. Asian Paints got their math wrong and made a tactical error on the final question to not push for a tie breaker with NTPC who on their part had done well to bounce back and take the runner up title.

Bertelsmann looked very good in bursts but made some early mistakes which took away the impact of some otherwise brilliant answers.

Value Research won the quiz but had to let go of their title as the work location of the team was not from the city they took part in and they seem to have misunderstood the rules which led to their participation in Ghaziabad/ Noida.NTPC were declared winners with Asian Paints as runner up.