Corporate Quiz Results - Lucknow

Bhilai Steel triumph at Lucknow
Lucknow, Sep 14, 2008: Lucknow witnessed a true dream debut with about 75 teams, as it played host to Tata Crucible (Corporate edition) for the first time. A relatively easy prelim by Crucible standards and six teams were on their way to creating history as the first ever finalists at Lucknow.

ICICI Bank – Shivdas & Sujoy Dhar
Samridhi Financial – Siddharth Mishra & Niraj Pareek
SAIL – Chinmoy Swain & Nirmal Tripathi
NTPC, Tanda – Amit Kumar & Pankaj Choudhary
HSBC Global Asset Mgmt – Venkat Sinha & Md.Atiq
Bhilai Steel Plant – Sanjay Shamkumar & Manoj Kumar Prasad

The final witnessed a very close contest as all the teams were scoring points at regular intervals. As the quiz moved into the second half, SAIL and Bhilai Steel moved ahead a little to be followed closely by Samridhi and ICICI Bank.

As the quiz moved into the final stages, Bhilai Steel were in the lead but a stunning answer for 15 points by Samridhi brought them within striking distance, but they followed that with a minus 10 on the buzzer and Bhilai Steel scored a 10 on the buzzer to clinch the title. The quiz, with one question remaining had SAIL and Samridhi tied for the second spot. Samridhi managed a five to win the second spot, knowing only too well, that they could have given Bhilai Steel a run for the money had they been a trifle cautious.

One left the Taj at Lucknow with a feeling that it would be nice to have a Crucible every weekend!