Corporate Quiz Results - Jamshedpur – Youngsters rise at Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur – Youngsters rise at Jamshedpur


Tata Steel - Ms.Sneha Ranjan and Srijan Das

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Jamshedpur – Youngsters rise at Jamshedpur


Tata Motors - Dr. Amitabh Thakur and Mrs. Bhawna Thakur

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A cool breeze settled in as the evening dawned on the steel city. Close to 90 teams and a large number of school kids were present at the quiz. The city’s favourite quizmaster started proceedings recounting how the entire Crucible journey has started a decade ago at this very city as he belted out a very interesting prelim leading to the finalists.


  • Tata Steel: EG Khan and Mohit Bhatt
  • Tata Hitachi Constructions: Arnaw Pandey and James NV
  • Tata Steel: Abhishek Pandey and Nikhil Vatsa
  • Tata Steel: Ms. Sneha Ranjan and Srijan Das
  • Tata Motors: Dr. Amitabh Thakur and Mrs. Bhawna Thakur
  • Tinplate : George Jackson and MK Rajesh

The final started with a veteran team walking up on stage with Pickbrain recognising their consistency and appreciating their talent. As he moved to the other teams there were new faces walking up on stage reflecting on a new era that was setting into the city.

The format kept the teams and the audience glued to their seats as the quizmaster went about his task and the teams kept gaining and loosing points in quick succession. At one stage all teams were in the negative except one team which was on zero and the witty quizmaster was quick to observe that it could be a team that wins a quiz with a zero for the first time.

In the final rounds Tata Steel with Sneha and Srijan started moving ahead while Dr.Amitabh and Bhawna from Tata Motors was in a close dual with Mohitt and EG Khan of Tata Steel. While Sneha and Srijan rallied well to win, it was only on the final question that Tata Motors took a half chance and clinched the runner up title.

The guest of honour Mr.Anand Sen, President TQM and Steel Business, Tata Steel congratulated the teams and observed that it was heartening to see two young ladies win the top two prizes.