Corporate Quiz Results - ITC bags Ahmedabad


ITC Limited - Jeevesh Jain and Anindya Sen


Thermax - Aanand SL and Hemant PT

When it comes to quality of quizzing and the ability to crack anything related to money or finance one cannot really question the Gujarat teams. This was displayed in immense proportion at the Tata Crucible as teams battled with each other to find a slot in the national final. The prelim was a tricky one prompting a few ‘silly mistakes’ as Pickbrain described it sounding a shade like a school master, as teams smiled and nodded their heads knowing where they went wrong.


  • ITC Limited: Jeevesh Jain and Anindya Sen
  • Triton Advertising: Mahesh Manjawala and Mayur Rana
  • Endeavour Careers: Nesarg Patel and Arya Bhatt
  • Vodafone: Hemang and Susim Mohanty
  • IBM: Sandeep Rajpurohit and Shantanu H
  • Thermax: Aanand SL and Hemant PT

A very interesting and closely fought final saw Vodafone, IBM and Triton make early inroads as Thermax and ITC moved into the scoring grid as well. As the quiz moved into the buzzer phase the duo from Thermax produced a few stunning answers to move on while ITC retaliated in equal measure. Triton looked good in bursts as they clawed their way back.

The final round witnessed brave come back efforts from Vodafone which did not pay off while Thermax held its own and an unwarranted negative by Triton ensured Thermax would finish runner up. In the meantime with some powerful answering it was ITC that clearly emerged on top to win the title from here for the first time ever.

The quizmaster recognised the consistency of Triton, as Mahesh and Mayur made have made it to the final each year since inception at Crucible a truly unique record. The guest of honour Colonel (retd.) Navin Bhasin gave away the prizes and urged all corporate to lend a proactive eye to safety and ensure we are all safe in this world.