Corporate Quiz Results - Infosys wins Chandigarh


Infosys - Yatharth & Abhinav

Runner Up

Indian Armed Forces - Anurakshat Gupta & S.Bhattacharya

In an exciting battle at the beautiful city of Chandigarh it was finally a techie duo from Infy that got the better of two doctors from the western command of the Armed Forces of India.

The prelim saw the following six teams make it to the final.

  • ICICI – Shivdas & Neeraj Lekhwar
  • Infosys – Yatharth & Abhinav
  • Idea Cellular – Dharmendra Yadav & Pervinder Singh Chawla
  • Indian Armed Forces – Anurakshat Gupta & S.Bhattacharya
  • Infosys – Manu Chugh & Ankur Arora
  • Greenshield – Syed Rehman & Ranjeet Varma

The final of the quiz was a close fight with nearly all teams scoring at regular intervals. The buzzer rounds saw the duo, Yatharth and Abhinav from Infosys take a few risks that paid off. The two doctors from the Armed Forces also did very well to rally back and lead the quiz into the second half.

It finally came down to the round on lateral thinking when team Infy really took the initiative and moved forward with some truly fantastic answers. The final round of the quiz saw them cement their place in the national final as the doctors battled with Idea Cellular for the second spot with the former eventually moving past albeit by a whisker.

The teams received their prizes from Mr.Anshul Goel of Tata Teleservices.