Corporate Quiz Results - Goa – Savoir Faire reclaim Goa

Goa – Savoir Faire reclaim Goa


Savoir Faire : Harshavardhan Bhatkuly and Rajiv D Silva

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Goa – Savoir Faire reclaim Goa


Marphous Human Consulting - Ashish Nalavade and Shoib Syed

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It seemed like an evening that everyone was looking forward to for a while. The quizmaster walked in to set the ball rolling on the final regional encounter of Western India and soon had the entire audience in splits with his quick wit and thought provoking questions. The teams that went past the prelim were:

  • Cajetan Vaz Branding : Cajetan Vaz and Shweta
  • Creative Capsule : Hilario Goes and Parind Phadte
  • Splash! Communication : Aniruddha Sengupta and Ameya Mardolkar
  • Savoir Faire : Harshavardhan Bhatkuly and Rajiv D Silva
  • Cummins Goa : Hariharan and Ram Prakash
  • Marphous Human Consulting : Ashish Nalavade and Shoib Syed

The final was a huge battle between the young defending champions from Marphous Belgaum and former national champions Savoir Faire. The battle went on from the word go till the very final question and it took a lot of nerve more than quizzing talent for Savoire Faire to get into the western zonals and reclaim the Goa title that they had lost to the Belgaum Boys a year ago.

The runner up team from Belgaum was specially appreciated by the quizmaster for their passion and for giving a very good team a run for their money. The audience was also very involved and came up with equally brilliant answers as that of the teams on stage.

In the end it was a wonderful evening with loads of fun at a cerebral forum. The guest of honour Mr.Ravi Nischal the GM of Vivanta Taj Fort Aguada also spoke of his love for Goa and said “When I moved back from Bhutan I had three options to choose from and when Goa happened to be one of them I just looked no further”.