Corporate Quiz Results - Cluster 2 – Lone lady from TCS stands tall from Delhi

Cluster 2 – Lone lady from TCS stands tall from Delhi


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Cluster 2 – Lone lady from TCS stands tall from Delhi

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The Delhi edition of Tata Crucible for corporates, has always been tense, close and competitive. As the medium moved from a ground event to a digital interface this did not change as the quiz was decided on a tie breaker after a gruelling battle.

Interestingly, the final from the nation’s capital witnessed multiple first-time corporates, graduating from their campus crucible days, doing well to get into the top six.

After the AP Telangana round, as the quiz moved to the second cluster ace quizmaster, Pickbrain was at his best, belting out questions in his classical style, transporting the audience from the comfort of their homes to believe they were seated in the Taj watching a Tata Crucible.

The Finalists Were

  • Abhinav Dhar – PT Jaykay Files
  • Chinmaya Sahoo – IN2IT
  • Raktim Nag –TOK
  • Girija Khannna Chavli – TCS
  • Kunal Malhotra –TOK
  • Sidhartha MaheshwariCEEW

The Delhi final saw the emergence of Ms.Girija Khanna Chavli, the lonely lady in the line-up, standing tall at the end winning her first Tata Crucible crown. Raktim Nag from Tree of Knowledge did very well to push a tie breaker but got it wrong on the decider to pave the way for Girija to win.

The guest of honour Mr. Tanmoy Chakraborty, a senior Tata representative, appreciated the manner in which the quiz has been organised digitally and congratulate the winners.