Corporate Quiz Results - Capgemini clinch Bangalore crown

Capgemini clinch Bangalore crown


Capgemini : B. Chatterjee and Sethu Madhavan

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Capgemini clinch Bangalore crown


Amazon : Ms. Krittika and Tanmay Prusty

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The garden city of Bengaluru played host to its edition of the quiz at the historic Taj West End. Over 300 corporates were part of an exhilarating experience. Pickbrain came up with a fairly tough prelim that was perhaps expected at a city like this. The finalists who made it were:


  • KPMG : Soumya Panda and Satyaprakash
  • Amazon : Ms. Krittika and Tanmay Prusty
  • HSBC : Vinod Rajamani and Utkarsh Rastogi
  • Walnut Solutions : Sachin Ravi and Raghav
  • Oracle : Yaggy and Mitesh
  • Capgemini : B. Chatterjee and Sethu Madhavan

The final was an absolute thriller with Amazon setting the ball rolling with a crafty answer on the very famous local eatery Empire. That set the tone for a quiz where teams had to think out of the box to move ahead. Oracle, Capgemini gained traction while HSBC and Walnut Solutions lost ground early on.

As pressure mounted Capgemini kept scoring and stayed ahead of the rest. Oracle and Amazon were the only two that looked like they were able to challenge them.

Oracle got close to the them on multiple occasions but just could not find two or three answers in a huddle to be able to get ahead. Capgemini played out the final questions carefully to register a memorable win, while Amazon stayed calm to win the runner up.

The packed audience truly appreciated the quick wit and timely humour of their favourite quizmaster, Pickbrain.

The best perhaps was kept for the last in the guest of honour, Mr. Prakash Padukone, Director of Tata Badminton Academy. He underlined the need to not lose focus and recounted how he took to a sport no one even knew in India those days.

  • WINNER: Capgemini : B. Chatterjee and Sethu Madhavan
  • RUNNER UP: Amazon : Ms. Krittika and Tanmay Prusty