Corporate Quiz Results - BMC and Tata Motors win Lucknow

The final regional stop over of the 2010 corporate edition of Tata Crucible was an enthralling afternoon of quizzing from the moment the prelim of 20 questions were unleashed by quizmaster Pickbrain. A set of tricky questions did make the teams pick their brains across a vast canvas of subjects.

The six finalists were:

Internal Track

  • Tata Motors – Aditya Malhotra and Lokesh Goyal
  • TCS – Sudipt Tewari and Praveen Kumar
  • Tata Motors – Naveen Tiwari and Himanshu Samolia
  • Vivanta by Taj – Ritika Gupta and Pradeep Kumar
  • TCS – Rahul Srivastava and Sankalp Sharma
  • Tata Motor – Somesh Tandon and Reena Srivastva

External Track

  • Carion Health Pvt Ltd – Sumit Kumar and Depti Dwivedi
  • HSBC – Najaf Rizvi and Gaurav Goel
  • RBI – Hemant Kumar Soni and Arun B
  • Roopa Sona Comm. – Siddharth M and Abhinav M
  • Bharatiya Micro Credit – Siddharth M and Ankit Joshi
  • NTPC – Sanjit Dutta and Amit Kumar

The Tata track of the quiz witnessed a keen tussle between Tata Motors and two TCS teams before the former won the quiz on the final question. The second place was decided on a tie breaker.

The external track of the quiz was an absorbing battle that required the teams to not just answer tough questions but also play a clever strategy on where to deploy the buzzer and where not to. The contest oscillated between teams playing aggressive and choosing to be cautious depending on the scenario. BMC took some early leads to play a tactical game while other teams tried to challenge them and ended up with negatives.

The defending champions from RS Communications fought valiantly for a couple of rounds but the buzzers set them back to a point of no return. The last round witnessed an amazing comeback by NTPC but a calm BMC duo did nothing silly and ensured they won the title as NTPC finished runner up.

The guest of honour Mr. Jayanth Krishna of TCS applauded the teams for the high standards and the progress made by the state in quizzing as a sport over the past few years.


  • WINNER: Tata Motors – Naveen Tiwari and Himanshu Samolia
  • RUNNER UP: TCS – Rahul Srivastava and Sankalp Sharma


  • WINNER:Bharatiya Micro Credit – Siddharth M and Ankit Joshi
  • RUNNER UP:NTPC – Sanjit Dutta and Amit Kumar