Corporate Quiz Results - Bhubaneshwar – IOCL clinch Odisha


Indian Oil Corp - Ansuman Rath and Nihar Ranjan Das


XIMB - Rajeev Roy and MN Tripathi

Team Indian Oil Corporation represented by Ansuman Rath and Nihar Ranjan Das have been declared winners of the Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) final and XIMB represented by Rajeev Roy and MN Tripathi as runner up. This is following the disqualification of Ishwar Software(Kamal Rathi and Subhendu Roy), who had won the event but were subsequently found in violation of a participation rule.

The announcement of the introduction of Vishakapatnam as a new city for Crucible drew loud cheers as it ensured teams from that region would not come here to take part. It however meant a closer contest between the teams from the state, 51 of whom battled on a Sunday afternoon on a set of 20 questions in the prelim.

The finalists were

  • NALCO : Saswat Mohan Patnaik and Debashis Mohanty
  • Ishwar Software : Kamal Rathi and Subhendu Roy
  • XIMB : Rajeev Roy and MN Tripathi
  • Indian Oil Corp : Ansuman Rath and Nihar Ranjan Das
  • Vodafone : Sagar Chakroborthy and Sitikhanta
  • Mindfire Solutions : Kaushik Sahoo and Abhijit Panda

The final began with Ishwar Software taking an early negative while XIMB and Indian Oil took the lead. The quiz moved at a brisk pace and soon enough, Ishwar Software were back in the reckoning with a couple of good answers.

The onset of the buzzers saw the Ishwar duo take an aggressive stand but Indian Oil duo were not the ones to give up. They fought answer to answer and ensured they never really slipped back. In the penultimate rounds the professors from XIMB came up with some good answers and bounced back well but it seemed a charge that had waited too long.

In the final stages it was a battle between Indian Oil and Iswhar Software and on the final question with a must go scenario facing them, Indian Oil took the plunge but got a negative and Ishwar Software got it right to force their way into the national finals.

The guest of honour, Mr. JK Mahapatra, Prinicipal Secretary, Finance Dept, Govt. of Odisha underlined the talent pool in the state and said “We are known for our natural resources but this proves our human resources is stronger than our natural resources. This is what will help us make this the best state in the nation”.