Corporate Quiz Results - Bhilai Steel sweep Raipur

Bhilai Steel sweep Raipur


Manoj Kumar Prasad and Sanjay Shamkuwar

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Bhilai Steel sweep Raipur


Chandrashekar and Ramani

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“This is turning out to be a T20 match” commented Pickbrain as the quiz inched towards a close. Many in the audience perhaps did not see what the quizmaster did as the final questions of the quiz produced a dramatic twist to throw up a winner on the last question.

Earlier in the day, a set of 20 posers which were a notch higher than a year ago set the tone for the quiz. The six teams that made it to the final were:


  • Jindal Steel and Power: Kushal Irani and Dilip Chaudhary
  • Ernst and Young: Prabhat Kumar and Thousif Md.
  • BSP SAIL: SPS Jaggi and H Shekhar
  • BSP SAIL: Manoj Kumar Prasad and Sanjay Shamkuwar
  • Lemon School of Entrepreneurship: Rajeev Roy and Abhishek
  • BSP SAIL: Chandrashekar and Ramani

The early rounds of the quiz saw the seasoned team of Chandrashekar and Ramani climb to a good lead as they cracked questions with relative ease. It was the other BSP team of Jaggi and Shekhar which looked like a threat to them as the quiz moved on.

It was around the end of the second segment and the start of the third where Manoj Kumar and Sanjay who were in third position at that stage hit a patch where they cracked a couple of quick questions to get past Jaggi and Shekher. Chandrashekar and Ramani were still in a good position leading the quiz and looking at another win.

In the final few questions as the quizmaster warned the audience of a T20 like finish. The duo of Manoj Kumar and Sanjay came back strongly and with one question to go they were in striking distance of Chandrashekar and Ramani. As the tensions mounted Manoj Kumar and Sanjay went for the final question and cracked a tough nut to win a memorable battle.

The guest of honour was reputed IFS officer Mr. Mudit Kumar Singh who appreciated the winners and spoke about the emergence of talent and opportunities in the state inferring the future was bright.