Campus Quiz Results - Visakhapatnam – Rajamundhri create history at Vizag

Visakhapatnam – Rajamundhri create history at Vizag


Aditya Global Business School (Rajamundhri) - Shresth Fomra and Sanjay C.

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Visakhapatnam – Rajamundhri create history at Vizag

Runner Up

GITAM Inst. of Mgmt. - Syed Salman and Ashish S. S

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The city of Vizag, witnessed over 900 students attending the quiz. The prelim, hosted by Ms. Rashmi Furtado, had the teams at the edge of their seats, with very interesting questions. The following made it to the final after a quick wild card.


  • ICAI :Lalith Reddy and Pradhyumna
  • IIM (Vizag):Himanth and Ms. Elakkiya
  • Gitam Inst. of Tech. :Siddhanth and Ajit Rao
  • NLU :Rupak Kumar and Chitrartha Gupta
  • Aditya Global Business School (Rajamundhri) :Shresth Fomra and Sanjay C.
  • GITAM Inst. of Mgmt. :Syed Salman and Ashish S. S.

Quizmaster Pickbrain hosted the final and set a brisk pace as teams battled against questions that made them think. All teams scored evenly while the boys from Rajamundhri kept taking their chances and got ahead of the rest.

NLU, IIM, ICAI and Gitam Inst of Mgmt. were also in the hunt but could not get past the Rajamundhri team who moved ahead and clinched the first ever title for their institute. It was a proud moment for them as their professor who has been the force behind their participation over the years, burst into tears of joy.

The quizmaster acknowledged their achievement and underlined how India has changed so much, that geography hardly matters for good performers.

The prizes were given by Dr. Prasada Rao, Vice Chancellor, GITAM University, thanked the Tata’s for bringing the quiz to their campus and city. He also appreciated the Rajamundhri team on their stupendous achievement.