Campus Quiz Results - Varanasi – BHU dominate Varanasi

Varanasi – BHU dominate Varanasi

Champions, IT-BHU - Ankit & Raunak

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Varanasi – BHU dominate Varanasi

Runner Up, IT-BHU - Aviral Srivastava & Anant Raman Sharma

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The debut edition of the Varanasi Crucible was a thriller marked by high quality answers and great passion for quizzing. The finalists were…

The finalists were

  • Inst of Medical Sciences : Chakra Diwakar & Gurpreet Arora
  • IT-BHU : Aviral Srivastava & Anant Raman Sharma
  • IT-BHU : Dhushyanth & Akshay
  • IIT-Patna : Jogi Augustine & Kiran Kannan
  • SRCEM : Sumit Jaiswal & Amit Srivatsava
  • IT-BHU : Ankit & Raunak

A final with six well balanced sides started with teams being careful and tentative along the first couple of overs. Understandably it was their first ever Crucible and everyone wanted to play it well. As the overs moved on the intensity increased as four teams moved ahead in the bunch.

The game then saw an increase in pace as the buzzers came into force with Ankit and Raunak (IT-BHU) taking good strikes as IIT Patna and IT-BHU (Aviral Srivastava and Anant Raman Sharma). The next couple of overs also saw two budding doctors from Inst of Medical Sciences bouncing back to add to the tension.

The final overs saw Ankit and Raunak take the initiative and got beyond the others to win the first edition here while IIT Patna missed the second place to Aviral Srivastava and Anant Raman Sharma by a whisker.


  • WINNER : IT-BHU – Ankit & Raunak
  • RUNNER UP : IT-BHU – Aviral Srivastava & Anant Raman Sharma