Campus Quiz Results - Shillong – NIT Silchar win Shillong debut

Shillong – NIT Silchar win Shillong debut


NIT Silchar - Dipankar Sarma and Tushar Jain

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Shillong – NIT Silchar win Shillong debut

Runner Up

IIM Shillong - Abhijeet Balakrishnan and K. S. Ashish

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The beautiful Shillong came alive for its first ever Tata Crucible. The IIM’s played host to the biggest business quiz held here thus far. With close to 150 contestants, the decision of the Tata’s to visit the hills seemed perfect.

The prelim was a not a tough fare for the teams and they battled for a slot in the first ever final. Teams from across Meghalaya were present while the following six made the cut.


  • NIT Silchar :Dipankar Sarma and Tushar Jain
  • St. Anthony’s College :Gaurav Deb and Ms. Priyanka Surana
  • IIM Shillong :Abhik Chattopadhyay and Bhaskar Chakraborty
  • St. Anthony’s College :Rupam Ghosh and Arijit Datta
  • IIM Shillong :Abhijeet Balakrishnan and K. S. Ashish
  • IIM Shillong :Rajarshi Hore and Abir Nandi

Quizzing of this order and league was certainly new to Shillong and teams were seen taking notes to be better prepared for the future. The final was well balanced with all the teams doing well in the initial levels of the quiz.

The format of the quiz was also well received. “We have only seen Pickbrain on TV and YouTube, it is wonderful to see him in action live,” echoed a young girl from a local college.

As the quiz progressed the tension rose, with the teams from IIM and NIT battling for the top slot. While Abhijeet Balakrishnan and K. S. Ashish led the quiz for a while, it was in the final phases that NIT Silchar outsmarted them with consistent right answers and clever strategies on the values they played. It was a memorable victory for NIT Sichar and IIM Shillong (with Abhijeet and Ashish). NIT progressed to the next round at Kolkata.