Campus Quiz Results - Salem – Sona School excel at Salem

Salem – Sona School excel at Salem


Sona School of Mgmt. - Varun Kumar and Vignesh R.

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Salem – Sona School excel at Salem

Runner Up

VIT Vellore - Surya Shekar and Fahad I.

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The city of Salem, was abuzz at the NSIT campus with over 800 students attending the quiz. The prelim, hosted by Ms. Rashmi Furtado, saw many girls cheering her as she offered interesting clues for all the teams to crack the prelim posers. Teams from across Salem and Vellore were present and the following six made the cut.


  • Vyasa College :Sanjay Krishnan and Kishor S.
  • KSR School of Mgmt. :Kalpana and Bhuvaneshwari
  • Sona School of Mgmt. :Varun Kumar and Vignesh R.
  • VIT Vellore :Surya Shekar and Fahad I.
  • KSR College of Tech. :Karthikeyan and Nandagopal
  • KSR College of Tech. :Anbarasan and Gokul Raj

Quizzing standards have been rising amazingly in one year, quipped seasoned quizmaster Pickbrain who hosted the finale with his typical style and wit. The teams from Sona and VIT were off in a flash and clearly indicated a head-on battle.

However, as the quiz moved along it was the girls from KSR who showed great resolve and came back into the battle closing in on VIT. However, after the next couple of rounds it was back to a VIT and Sona battle with the latter really playing it tight to win another crown.

The prizes were given by Mr. Nitish Harihar, Chairman, NSIT. The other management members of the college were also present. Mr. Nitish appreciated the Tata’s for nurturing cities like Salem and pointed to how this quiz has helped the whole city come alive to quizzing.