Campus Quiz Results - Ranchi – NIT Rourkela top at Ranchi

Ranchi – NIT Rourkela top at Ranchi


NIT Rourkela - Nishant and Wasim

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Ranchi – NIT Rourkela top at Ranchi

Runner Up

BIT Mesra - Harshit Verma and Shubham Mishra

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The city of Ranchi drew over a 125 teams from Rourkela, Dhanbad, Sambalpur and other locations reflecting how the quiz is growing in these regions. The prelim was not too difficult as teams scored well. The final six were:


  • NIT Rourkela :Nishant and Wasim
  • BIT Mesra :Harshit Verma and Shubham Mishra
  • IIM Ranchi :Sabyasachi M and Saswata Banerjee
  • St.Xavier’s :Utkarsh S. and Siddharth Bagaria
  • NIT Rourkela :Abhishek and Prathmesh Dash
  • BIT Mesra :Girish and Prakhar

The final saw the NIT duo of Nishant and Wasim get off to a quick start and then play carefully but with great consistency to stay ahead of the rest right through the quiz. They went about it in a clinical manner, taking their chances early on and then playing out with caution to register a comfortable win.

The battle for the second place was a tight one with teams realising they did not have a chance to chase down Nishant and Wasim. It went down to the final few questions where the BIT Mesra teams and the other NIT team were all in the fray. As it went into the final question, the BIT team of Harshit Verma and Shubham Mishra clinched the runner up position.

The champions now go into the Kolkata zonal in what is being described by quiz enthusiasts as the ‘zone of death’.