Campus Quiz Results - Ranchi – NIT Rourkela sweeps Ranchi

Ranchi – NIT Rourkela sweeps Ranchi


NIT Rourkela - Abhishek and Swayambodha

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Ranchi – NIT Rourkela sweeps Ranchi

Runner Up

NIT Rourkela - Chinmay and Dibyaprakash

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The game at Dhoni’s backyard had all the reflections of the champion himself as teams played big hits at will marking a great final at Ranchi. The 2019 Tata Crucible for campuses was underway at the Xavier’s campus, with close to 500 students in attendance as Ms. Rashmi Furtado unveiled her repository of questions in the prelim. It was neither easy nor tough but tested most teams. The finalists were:

Super Over

  • BIT Mesra :Abhinaba and Abhyankar Joshi
  • NIT Rourkela :Chinmay and Dibyaprakash
  • BIT Mesra :Nishanth and Adnan Kalam
  • IIT (ISM) Dhanbad :Raghav Gupta and Aditya J
  • NIT Rourkela :Debabrata Malik and Sayed Ahmad
  • NIT Rourkela :Santanu and Satyaranjan Mallick


  • IIT (ISM) Dhanbad :Tejas and Kanishk
  • BIT Mesra :Saket Jha and Sayan Choudhury
  • NIT Rourkela :Abhishek and Swayambodha
  • VSSUT Burla :Pratik Dash and Aditya Das
  • NIT Rourkela :Chinmay and Dibyaprakash
  • BIT Mesra :Abhinaba and Abhyankar Joshi

The super over saw two teams go through, one each from NIT Rourkela and BIT Mesra. The final of the quiz started on a swift note with quizmaster Pickbrain taking charge and setting a different benchmark for the final.

The first couple of overs were tight with VSSUT from Burla taking an early lead. It was as the quiz progressed that other teams started to score, and the two NIT teams represented by Chinmay / Dibyaprakash and Abhishek / Swayambodha moved clearly ahead of the rest with some consecutive sixes.

The battle went down to the final over with these two NIT teams playing neck and neck. The tension mounted with one ball to go and the Chinmay / Dibyaprakash, just two runs behind Abhishek / Swayambodha. The latter, to the surprise of many, took on the final question bravely and got it right to move to the eastern zonal.