Campus Quiz Results - Patna – CNLU retain Patna

Patna – CNLU retain Patna


Chanakya National Law Univ - Ms. Riya Chouksey and Rajvardhan Tiwari

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Patna – CNLU retain Patna

Runner Up

IIT Patna - Anand M. and Siddharth Thakur

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The city of Patna, was abuzz at the NIT campus with over 500 students attending the quiz. The prelim, simultaneously hosted in two halls by Ms. Rashmi Furtado and Pickbrain, featured interesting questions that all enjoyed. The following six made the cut.


  • NIT Patna :Shivam Kumar and Rahul Prakash
  • IIT Patna :Anand M. and Siddharth Thakur
  • Chanakya National Law Univ :Ms. Riya Chouksey and Rajvardhan Tiwari
  • Patna Medical College :Anand Prakash and Ankit Karan
  • IIT Patna :Ravi Kumar and Ravi Anand
  • Chanakya National Law Univ :Deepesh Kumar and Abhishek

Quizzing interest and enthusiasm for Tata Crucible has always been high at Patna. Teams from varying background were part of the quiz which made it interesting.

However, as the quiz moved along it was the team from CNLU with Riya and Raj who dominated and went on from one good hit to another. The only team that looked like challenging them were from IIT but they too settled for the runner up once they realised it would be tough to chase down the lawyers.

The CNLU team were the winners a year ago as well so they will look to do well in the eastern zonal and hopefully make a national final entry this year.