Campus Quiz Results - Patna – Chanakya Law Univ. stump Patna

Patna – Chanakya Law Univ. stump Patna


Chanakya National Law Univ. - Raj Vardhan and Ms. Riya Chouksey

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Patna – Chanakya Law Univ. stump Patna

Runner Up

IIT Patna - Ravi Kumar and Ravi Anand

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The city of Patna drew a participation of over 300 students. The teams braved the early summer heat and a local bundh to be part of the event. The prelim was not too difficult as teams scored well. The final six were:


  • Chanakya National Law Univ. (CNLU) :Raj Vardhan and Ms. Riya Chouksey
  • NIT Patna :Ms. Nivedita and Amitesh Gupta
  • IIT Patna :Uttkarsh Singh and Anand Mazumdar
  • NIT Patna :Ankit and Deepanker
  • IIT Patna :Ravi Kumar and Ravi Anand
  • Chanakya National Law Univ. :Piyush and Harshit Anand

The final was dominated by Raj and Riya of CNLU from the word go. They went about in a fashion that no team really got even a toe-hold to challenge them. They simply moved from one round to the other scoring at will.

The battle for the second place was a tight one with teams realising they did not have a chance to chase down the CNLU team. It went down to the final few questions where the IIT team held their own and ensured they won the runner up title.

The winners move to Kolkata for the zonal and should they finish in the top two they would progress to the national final of the quiz.