Campus Quiz Results - Mysore – SDM’s last ball win at Mysore

Mysore – SDM’s last ball win at Mysore


SDMIMD - V Harisankar Nair and Athul T P

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Mysore – SDM’s last ball win at Mysore

Runner Up

ICAI - Nipun P G and Varun B

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The halfway mark of the season was crossed at Mysore as the 21st game was held in the historic city of Mysore. Ms. Rashmi Furtado was welcomed with thunderous applause as the crowds appreciated her being a rare lady host at knowledge shows. She quickly took charge and breezed through her prelim, checkering it with good clues. Her witty remarks were well timed and she had the crowd in splits as they enjoyed the prelim.

Super Over

  • NIE :Aditya Raj and Arnab Ghosh
  • SJCE :Aniruddha and Akhilesh
  • IIIT Dharwad :Supreet and Laksh G
  • VVCE :Srihari and Vikas
  • NIE :Pradeep and M. Kulkarni
  • ATME :Jagadeesh and Manikanta

The super over saw SJCE and NIE, the traditional rivals of Mysore get into the finale. The presence of teams from Hassan, Hubli, Coorg, and Mandya showed the growing popularity of the quiz, here.


  • NIE :Varun Gupta and Syed Hisham
  • SDMIMD :Harishankar Nair and Athul TP
  • ICAI :Nipun and Varun
  • MICA Mysore :Santosh Kumar and Prem Chandran
  • NIE :Pradeep and M. Kulkarni
  • SJCE :Aniruddha and Akhilesh

The final saw Pickbrain anchor the teams and his questions at a brisk pace. The teams that score early were NIE and ICAI but very soon it was SDM which pitched in with big sixes. The game kept moving from one over to the other and all the teams seemed to either gain or lose ground, but no one seemed to emerge a favourite.

It was a tense game and as the final over was to begin three teams were on 21, 20 and 21 runs making it an absolute thriller. In the battle that went down to the final two balls, it was SDM that emerged champions over ICAI and NIE.

The guest of honour Dr. Nanjaraj, Director and Dean, Mysore Medical College gave away the prizes and appreciated the teams on a stupendous performance.