Campus Quiz Results - Mumbai – NMIMS beats IIT on tie breaker

On a calm and cool Saturday afternoon, all the best minds of Mumbai got together for yet another edition of Crucible. The Mumbai business quizzing circuit is so closely knit these days, most teams knew each other and probably made guesses on who would be on stage.

Pickbrain came on and it was time for ‘Nano Quizzing’. The Mumbai prelim was well balanced and the city had one wild card round. The final started on time and the six teams that qualified were

SP JAIN (Amritha and Rajan)
SJSOM IIT Bombay (Prashanth and Chaitanya)
VESIT (Shanmughsundaram and Sriram Krishnan)
NMIMS (Karthik and Shambu)
SJSOM IIT Bombay (Sri Darshan and Pranjal Srivastava)
NMIMS (Govind Greval and Souvik Basu)

The final was an absolutely riveting affair. The audience was really participative and won hosts of prizes. Pickbrain was as lively as ever interacting and joking with the audience. At the end of the first few rounds it seemed like the IIT team of Prashanth and Chaitanya would win easily but a few stunning answers from Govind and Souvik of NMIMS with other teams also adding to their kitty put the quiz on the edge as it moved from one question to another from there on.

It ended in a dead pan with NMIMS (Govind Greval and Souvik Basu) and SJSOM IIT Bombay (Prashanth and Chaitanya) on level scores, as Pickbrain called for the “first tie breaker of Campus Crucible 08”.

In a battle of nerves that followed, NMIMS won and made it to the national final.


  • Winner: NMIMS (Govind Greval and Souvik Basu)
  • Runner Up: SJSOM IIT Bombay (Prashanth and Chaitanya)