Campus Quiz Results - Lucknow – IIM dominates Lucknow

‘Records are meant to be broken but there are a few rare occasions in life when they don’t get broken, they get shattered’. This remark by quizmaster Pickbrain underlined the euphoria and enthusiasm with which the city of Nawabs have taken to the quiz over the last couple of years.

A staggering 494 teams took part to create a new record while one of the wild card rounds witnessed all the teams from one college IIM-L (also a record) while Ramasarvanan and Philip from IIM-L became the first in the nation to score a fifty in this new format of quizzing based on 2020. After two prelims and two nervous wildcard rounds, the following teams made it to the final.

The finalists were:

  • IIM-L – Ramasarvanan & Philip
  • NIEC – Prashant & Subhash
  • HBTI Kanpur – Sunny & Tarang
  • BBDNITM – Harshdeep & Akashdeep
  • IIM-L – Vipin & Nirad
  • DIT Dehradun – Shwetank & Sourabh

The final started in a blazing fashion with Ram and Philip taking early leads and moving on to establish a quick lead. In the visual questions Vipin and Nirad deployed a power play to gain some lost ground while on the Tata round a couple of other teams scored as well. However, by this time the battle was quite clearly between the IIM’s. The next round based on lateral thinking saw Vipin and Nirad blaze away in style as they scored as many and three sixes to lead Ram and Philip by 2 runs.

The final over witnessed HBTI play some fantastic shots to get themselves into the third position while a risky strike from Ram and Philip gave them a negative that they could not recover from, while the duo of Vipin and Nirad stayed cool to retain the title they had won a year ago.

The guest of honour Mr.Jayant Krishna (head of TCS Lucknow) said “It was truly a fantastic day with teams coming in from across 12 locations of the state and Dehradun, a very healthy sign for the state and its future”. The crowd also erupted in applause when the quizmaster told Mr.Shekar, the GM of the Taj that he was sorry for the unexpected surge in numbers (which put pressure on the hotel staff to cater at short notice) and the GM in true Taj style replied ‘Don’t worry they are all my future customers and we are only here to take care of them”. Kudos Mr.Shekar, young India salutes you!


  • WINNER: IIM-L – Vipin & Nirad
  • RUNNER UP:IIM-L – Ramasarvanan & Philip