Campus Quiz Results - Kolkata – IIFT Kolkata does the unthinkable

Kolkata – IIFT Kolkata does the unthinkable


IIFT - Kunal and Viraj

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Kolkata – IIFT Kolkata does the unthinkable

Runner Up

IIM Calcutta - Deepak Thomas and Abhishek Sundar

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A packed hall with close to 150 teams on Sunday afternoon is no surprise to someone who understands how quizzing works in Kolkata. To add to it this was a high ticket event that attracted an audience of over 100 people who were pure quiz enthusiasts. Pickbrain got down to business from the word go and the prelim started the quiz with a crisp but tough set of 20 questions and that led to the finalists.

  • Jadavpur University: Bedbyas Datta and Ms. Reesoom Pal
  • IIFT: Sai Bharat and Vishwajeet Singh
  • IIM Calcutta: Dhanoj and Mayank
  • St. Xaviers: Rachit K and Vaibhav Mogra
  • IIM Calcutta: Deepak Thomas and Abhishek Sundar
  • IIFT: Kunal and Viraj

The final began with the IIFT team of Kunal and Viraj blazing away with a series of negatives reaching close to minus 200. It is a score from which no team has possibly made a comeback in quizzing.

As the quiz progressed, the other teams scored in bursts but no one really got away as the IIFT team came all the way back to recover ground and lead the quiz with a slender margin of five runs.

From there-on the IIFT duo unleashed an unimaginable display of brilliance that took them past 350. Perhaps assuming they had done enough, they just paused for a brief bit and the team of Deepak and Abhishek from IIM-C blasted back into the quiz with some stunning answers.

With two questions to go IIM-C went for the buzzers but could not dislodge the IIFT team which won a truly memorable quiz and made it to the eastern zonals.