Campus Quiz Results - Kochi – St. Thomas, Kottayam stump Kochi

Kochi – St. Thomas, Kottayam stump Kochi


St. Thomas College, Kottayam - Carol Abraham and Alvin Thomas

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Kochi – St. Thomas, Kottayam stump Kochi

Runner Up

College of Engineering Trivandrum - Divij Santosh and Sohail Nijas

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Over 70 teams and the Kochi audience were all set for their edition of the quiz. Quizmaster Pickbrain had an interesting mix of questions for the prelim. After the prelim, the following six made it to the final.


  • Govt. Engineering College, Trissur :Sreeram and Abhijith CN
  • College of Engineering Trivandrum :Divij Santosh and Sohail Nijas
  • St. Thomas College, Kottayam :Carol Abraham and Alvin Thomas
  • School of Engineering, CUSAT Kochi :Ms. Ameera and Ms. Haripriya
  • SCMS School of Business, Kochi :Sudhi and Ms. Niju Baby
  • St. Berchmans Kottayam :Balagopal and Shelvin Jacob

The final was absolutely riveting. Teams exchanged lead positions right through the quiz making it an edge of the seat entertainer. The all girls team from CUSAT were courageous and good but faltered by not maximising the value of their right answers and that cost them dearly as the game progressed.

The SCMS team were also good but could not find the momentum, while teams from Trivandrum and Kottayam played a wait and watch strategy. At the end of the day, it was St. Thomas that stood tall albeit by a whisker, while College of Engineering Trivandrum settled for the runner-up title by not giving the final question a go. Their strategy proved right in retrospect as Pickbrain shared the question he would have asked to which they did not have the right answer.

The guest of honour, Mr. Pramod Tevanoor, appreciated all the teams from across Kerala, and spoke of the importance of having more such events.