Campus Quiz Results - Kochi – Govt. Law College take Kochi

Kochi – Govt. Law College take Kochi


GLC Kochi - Jis Sebastian and Feny Joy

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Kochi – Govt. Law College take Kochi

Runner Up

St. Thomas Pala: Rahul and Jithin Xavier

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Over 150 enthusiastic quizzers thronged the beautiful waterfront at Taj Cochin. The setting was perfect for an afternoon of business quizzing. Sharp minds from campuses across the state battled through a tough prelim set by ace quizmaster Pickbrain. The finalists were:

The finalists were:

  • GEC Trissur: Aswin Mohan and Sandesh Mohan
  • Model Engg Kochi: Avinash Pai and Sachin S
  • St. Thomas Pala: Rahul and Jithin Xavier
  • Rajagiri Centre of Mgmt: Nidhin John and Deepak Babu
  • Govt. Law College (GLC) Kochi: Jis Sebastian and Feny Joy
  • ICAI: Vipul Kumar and Tivin Jose

The final was a close and tight battle initially with all the teams scoring well. As the questions flowed at swift pace, so did the answers and soon it was Rajagiri in the lead with GLC and St. Thomas trailing them.

The Rajagiri duo then started playing aggressive and took too many half chances that backfired and they were knocked back by the negatives. GLC in the meantime played smart and did not take any negatives, effectively increasing their lead at the expense of the mistakes the other team made.

A few good hits and St. Thomas Pala were ahead of Rajagiri, threatening the aspiring lawyers. The GLC duo, were calm and collective, understanding the value of the lead they had. This helped them hold off the challenge and win the quiz. A last round burst by the Rajagiri duo brought them close to St. Thomas Pala, but it was not enough to beat them to the runners up position.

The guest of honour Mr. Prakash Nair, GM Taj Group of Hotels, appreciated the teams on their performance. He spoke of the values, learning and innovation that the Tata’s profess as a group and how programs such as these, help provide youngsters platforms to hone these skills.