Campus Quiz Results - Jalandhar – GNDU conquer Jalandhar

Jalandhar – GNDU conquer Jalandhar

Champions, GNDU Amritsar - Aryan Singh and Siddharth Attri

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Jalandhar – GNDU conquer Jalandhar

Runner Up, Lovely University - Praneeth Sai and Anmol Upadhyay

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The city of Jalandhar played host to a Tata Crucible for the first time in a decade as the quiz moved from Amritsar to this city at the Lovely University Campus. A prelim of 20 questions and the final was underway soon with the following teams.

The finalists were:

  • GNDU Amritsar: Aryan Singh and Siddharth Attri
  • NIT Jalandhar: Milind Sharma and Sujit Patil
  • Lovely University: Himanshu Shekar and Srijan Kapoor
  • CT Institute: Nitish Bhagat and Sanjay Goswami
  • Lovely University: Praneeth Sai and Anmol Upadhyay
  • Thapar University, Patiala: Rakshit Sood and Tanuj Bakshi

GNDU took an early start with clever answers while NIT, LPU, Thapar Univ and CT Institute all moved closer with the passing rounds. The visual round and the round on Tata’s helped the duo of Praneeth and Anmol to draw level with GNDU.

As the quiz moved ahead GNDU were very methodical and clinical with their approach and did not let an inch to be taken as they moved away from the rest to register a convincing win. The LPU duo did well in the end to get some good answers in their kitty, that giving them the runner up title.

The Vice Chancellor of Lovely University Dr.Ramesh Kanwar gave away the prizes and advised the students to strive for success but more than all of that he advocated the quest for happiness. “Do things that make you happy, do things that make others around you happy and you will see success” he remarked.


  • WINNER : GNDU Amritsar – Aryan Singh and Siddharth Attri
  • RUNNER UP : Lovely University – Praneeth Sai and Anmol Upadhyay