Campus Quiz Results - Bhubaneswar – IIT-KGP tops Bhubaneswar

The debut edition of Tata Crucible Campus at Bhubaneswar witnessed a huge turnout of 131 teams battling in the prelim. This was followed by two wild card rounds for the teams that finished 5th to 16th and the top two from here made it to the final along with the top four institutes.

The top six at Bhubaneswar were :

  • IIT-KGP (Vinod Gupta School of Mgmt) – Sandeep More & Kaustubh Sule
  • NIST – Behrampur – Rohit Mohanty & Dheeraj Kumar
  • XIM Bhubaneswar – Gajendra Singh & Param Brahma Mohapatra
  • KIIT – Manvendra Singh & Rishabh
  • XIM Bhubaneswar – Udaya Bhanu & Swarup Kumar
  • Orissa Engineering College – Abhishek Chakraborthy & Ashish Sharma

The final turned out to be a cliffhanger with all the teams doing equally well in the first three rounds of the quiz. As the quiz moved into the penultimate phase XIMB, IIT-KGP and KIIT gained ground but with 45 points at stake in the final round, the battle as Pickbrain put it was ‘far from over’.

In the final round IIT-KGP played it very intelligently and took very calculative risks to ensure they won and made it to the coveted national finals. The young engineering duo from KIIT were runners up. In the end it was an impressive debut for Bhubaneswar that is sure to witness some exciting quizzing in future.


  • Winners – IIT-KGP (Vinod Gupta School of Mgmt) – Sandeep More & Kaustubh Sule
  • Runner Up – KIIT : Manvendra Singh & Rishabh

Bhubaneswar Reacts

Questions were very different, refreshing and exciting. Great Presentation.
Avinash Sahu -ITER

It is very inspiring and brainstorming. Really it’s a great experience. Thank You!
Sagar Ranjan Mishra – BIITM

Actually it was mind-blowing, we lost eventually but it was about our passion for quizzing. Excellent environment for a quiz show, we will wait for it the next time.
Anshu Kumar – DRIEMS

It was a wonderful experience for me. A wonderful set of questions and an admirable hospitality. Will eagerly await the next edition.
Avijit Singh – College of Engineering, Bhuvaneshwar

A very knowledgeable experience for students like us who are beginners in the business world. The quizmaster is very encouraging and exceptionally witty.
Sowmyashree Bhatta – Dept of Business Administration, Uthal University

I came across very interesting, informative and unique set of questions. An excellent progression from prelims to finals.
Sangram Pattnaik – Orissa Engineering College