Campus Quiz Results - IISER scale Chandigarh

IISER scale Chandigarh


IISER Sanat Mishra and Vedang Puranik

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IISER scale Chandigarh


Punjab Engineering College Shubh Ashish and Taranjot Singh

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Close to 600 students took part in the prelim at Chandigarh. Quiz host Ms. Rashmi Furtado had a fairly simple set of questions lined up in comparison to the other cities. Given that a lot of students were taking part for the first time she was helpful with her clues and encouraging them to answer all the questions. The teams that progress to the next round were:

Wild Card

  • IISER :Sanat Mishra and Vedang Puranik
  • Chitkara University :Anisha and Pabas K
  • Punjab Engineering College :Shubh A and Taranjot
  • IISER :Atharva and Swastik
  • Chitkara University :Ms. Bhavika and Aritesh D
  • Chitkara University :Ms. Chhavi A and Binu Sharma


  • Chitkara University :Ms. Disha and Akash
  • IISER :Abhijit and Dhruv
  • PEC :Akash and Sarthak
  • CGC Jhanjeri :Ms. Prachi and Devesh
  • Punjab Engineering College :Shubh Ashish and Taranjot Singh
  • IISER :Sanat Mishra and Vedang Puranik

The final was hosted by noted quizmaster Pickbrain, who appreciated the host University, Chitkara, for their interest and enthusiasm in hosting the quiz. As he went about the task of unfolding his questions, teams started gaining and losing, as all of them seemed to take unnecessary risks.

IISER represented by Sanat and Vedang did well to get to a lead and hold onto that position till the very end. While many teams tried hard but could not gain the momentum to cross them. It was only on the final few questions that Punjab Engineering College with Shubh and Taranjot fought bravely to force a tiebreaker with IISER. However, in the tiebreaker that followed the IISER duo clinched the question to win the title.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University, appreciated the students on their performance. She also advised them to pay equal attention to what they learn outside the classrooms while not neglecting academics. She was accompanied by Deans of the University Dr. Sandhir Sharma and Dr. Col. KK Sharma.