Campus Quiz Results - Hyderabad – Osmania Medical dominate HYD

Hyderabad – Osmania Medical dominate HYD


Osmania Medical College - Syed Mustafa Hashmi and Syed Murtuza Hashmi

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Hyderabad – Osmania Medical dominate HYD

Runner Up

ICAI - Sai Kiran and Sriraj

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The Hyderabad edition of the 2019 Tata Crucible for campuses was underway at the CMR campus. The audience of over 600 were treated to a friendly prelim by Ms. Rashmi Furtado as Tata Crucible continued to celebrate the women’s day week. The following teams made it to the finals

Super Over

  • NIT Warangal :Pratham and Aabhaas
  • IIMC :Raghavendra and Deepan Jain
  • IIIT :Sumanth and Mukund C
  • Auroras College :Sunny Soni and Bhavesh
  • Auroras College :Anunaad and Ankit
  • Osmania Univ :Muneer Ali and Yadavigiri


  • Osmania Medical College :Syed Mustafa Hashmi and Syed Murtuza Hashmi
  • ICAI :Sai Kiran and Sriraj
  • BITS Pilani :Kushagra. C and Siddharth Ratnam
  • Nalsar Univ :Krishna Sumanth and Aakash Puttige
  • NIT Warangal :Pratham and Aabhaas
  • Auroras College :Anunaad and Ankit

The final was a good fight between ICAI, NALSAR and doctors from Osmania Medical in the initial overs but as the quiz progressed it was the doctor duo now famously referred to as the “Hashmi Bros” by Pickbrain who went on a rampage.

They were playing sixes at will and the least risk peg for them was at four runs. It gave them yet another big victory at Hyderabad as ICAI rallied to finish runner up.

The Chairman of CMR Group of Institutions, Mr. Gopala Reddy, gave away the prizes to the teams and advised them to work hard irrespective of what they choose to pursue.