Campus Quiz Results - Vizag – Gitam’s grit prevails at Vizag

Vizag – Gitam’s grit prevails at Vizag

WINNER :Gitam Institute of Technology

Mr. Bharath K and Ayyappa Chaitanya

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Vizag – Gitam’s grit prevails at Vizag

RUNNER UP : Gitam Institute of Technology

Susanth and Singam

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A packed hall with over 300 teams broke into a thunderous applause the moment they spotted quizmaster Pickbrain akin to movie star entering a building, to perhaps set the tone for an entertaining afternoon. Pickbrain got down to business from the word go and the prelim started the quiz with a crisp but tough set of 20 questions and that led to the finalists.


  • Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law Univ: Shivam Anand and Rupak Kumar
  • Gitam Institute of Technology: Mr. Bharath K and Ayyappa Chaitanya
  • Vignan Inst of Technology: Dileep and Hemanth
  • ICAI: Lalith Reddy and Pradhyumna
  • Gitam Institute of Management: MVVN Murthy and Ameer Akram
  • Gitam Institute of Technology: Susanth and Singam

The final began with an observation from the seasoned quizmaster that despite the prelim being of a high standard, teams had scored very well and the cut off stood as high as 15 on a set of 20 posers.

The final was an absolutely riveting one with Susanth and Singam taking an initial lead and playing with great confidence. The duo, Bharath and Ayyappa did not get their grip on the quiz early on but as the quiz progressed they started progressing as well. ICAI also did well but could not sustain the momentum.

Midway into the quiz Bharath and Ayyappa crossed Susanth and Singam and from here, it was the strategy that the Gitam boys deployed by out-thinking the teams on tactical buzzer play. This got them to the finish line just ahead of the others, who perhaps knew many answers but could not get the buzzer to go down in time.

Prof. G Subramanyam the Vice Chancellor of GITAM University, appreciated the Tata’s for creating such a platform for the youth and advised the students to combine the knowledge they had with discipline and success would follow.