Campus Quiz Results - Cochin – DCSMAT wins Cochin tie


DCSMAT Vagamon - K A Arun & Rajeev U


COE Trivandrum - Unnikrishnan S & Sudarshan B

Wow what a match, seemed to be the phrase on every student mind at the Taj Gateway (Cochin) after witnessing a fantastic display of 2020 quizzing at the campus edition of Tata Crucible 2010. After the initial prelim for the 208 teams and wild card rounds the six finalists were:


  • DCSMAT, Vagamon – K A Arun & Rajeev U
  • IIM – K – Rahul Bhaskar & Shivam Nayak
  • College of Engg, TVM – Saptarshi Purohit & Aditya Samuel V
  • Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies – Nakul Gangadharan & Joseph Philip
  • College of Engg, TVM – Unnikrishnan S & Sudarshan B
  • IIM – K – Siddharth Saurabh & Manish Wahar

The early rounds of the quiz saw IIM-K (Siddharth Saurabh & Manish Wahar) pull through a few good answers to set up an early lead. We were barely into the second over and COE Trivandrum was now ahead with the rest trailing them. The quiz moved into the third phase and backed by a power play option well executed IIM-K (Rahul Bhaskar & Shivam Nayak) was now leading underlining the effectiveness of the theme being 2020 and the game seemed to change with every question now.

The middle overs saw the DCSMAT team who were just behind the IIM’s consolidate their position with some clever answers and good buzzer hits to inch ahead of the rest.

This really set the stage for the final assault by all teams in what was aptly called the ‘slog overs’. IIM-K (Rahul Bhaskar & Shivam Nayak) took the battle into their hands early in the last round but got a negative and could not recover from there. On the penultimate delivery of the match DSCMAT got a timely six to set a stiff final ball target for IIM-K to chase. While IIM-K needed a full super six (12 runs) to win the same 12 would get COE-TVM ahead of IIM-K.

The tension was palpable as the latter backed themselves on the final ball and did manage a dramatic 12 to ensure the second slot was taken by a whisker. DSCMAT emerged champions for the first time ever and were truly glad for having contested consistently for a few years now and finally their perseverance paid dividends on a warm early summer afternoon at a blazing 2020 game that they would always remember.