Campus Quiz Results - Chennai – IIT Madras rules Chennai

Chennai – IIT Madras rules Chennai


IIT Madras - Chandra and Varun

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Chennai – IIT Madras rules Chennai

Runner Up

IIT Madras - Prateek V and Bharath R

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The city of Chennai has always been a big draw for Tata Crucible with well over a 150 teams contesting with great vigour and enthusiasm. Ace quizmaster Pickbrain started proceedings with some crisp and interesting posers in his 20 question prelim. The teams that made it to the finale were:

The finalists at Chennai were:

  • VIT Vellore: Raja Sai and Allen Roy
  • Chengulpet Medical College: Sai Prasath and Padma Priya
  • Ethiraj College: Ms. Janani and Ms. Samyuktha
  • IIT Madras: Chandra and Varun
  • SSN School of Management: Soham Kuila and Gokul
  • IIT Madras: Prateek V and Bharath R

The final was a very close battle from the first question as most teams were gutsy and went for the buzzer showing no fear for the negative scores. The aspiring doctors set the tone and went quickly into the lead. The IIT duo of Prateek and Bharath gained and lost points in quick succession while their college mates made some gains slowly but made no mistakes.

In the second phase of the quiz the girls from Ethiraj College were brilliant especially on some really tough posers but took way too many chances that resulted in negatives at a regular frequency which knocked them back continuously.

The medical college students kept the tempo till the final stages while the IIT team of Chandra and Varun kept playing only the one’s they were sure and that ensured they took no negatives throughout the quiz winning with clear tactics and sensible play.

The final stages of the quiz saw the other IIT team go past the aspiring doctors to finish runner up.

The guest of honour Mr. Kris Ganesan, Vice President and Global Head Talent Acquisition – TCS, appreciated the teams for their display of knowledge and wished them well.