Campus Quiz Results - Chennai – COE Guindy dominates Chennai

‘Chennai always has the reputation of producing regional winners who are capable of going the entire distance’ said quizmaster Pickbrain as 188 teams battled through a well balanced prelim.

The top six at Chennai in the final were:

  • COE Guindy: Kalai Selvam & Srivatsan
  • Jerusalem College of Engineering: Deepak & Harinarayanan
  • SVCE: Ram Kumar & Siddharth
  • IIT Madras: Sanket Singh & Neeraj Kumar
  • KCG College of Technology: Vijay & Shamika
  • IIT Madras: Chinmay & Karthik Narayanan

The final started with COE Guindy taking an early lead to be followed by the other teams on stage. While the quality of the quiz lived up to the standards that a Chennai would expect, the duo from COE Guindy went about cracking the questions with such clinical precision that it prompted the quizmaster to comment ‘There is little one can do when a Sehwag on song’. The team just moved on from strength to strength to finish with a staggering score of 80.

The second place battle was absorbing and went down to the final round The teams from IIT and SVCE had a chance while KCG kept the tempo and the answers flowing to finish a very credible runner up. The audience were very enthusiastic and won several prizes for themselves from the world of Tatas.


  • Winners: COE Guindy: Kalai Selvam & Srivatsan
  • Runner Up: KCG College of Technology: Vijay & Shamika

Chennai Reacts

The atmosphere was electrifying this year too.
Avirag, Bharath University, Chennai

Tata Crucible quiz is a wonderful effort to spread the quizzing culture and test the knowledge of the quizzers.
G.B.Jayakumar, SSN School of Management & Computer Applications, Chennai

Quiz was well researched. Pickbrain was admirable as always. Cheers to the Tatas for conducting Crucible inspite of recession.
S. Kalayappan, College of Engineering, Chennai

Extremely precise and entertaining. Excellent choice of questions.
Pallavi.V, MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai