Campus Quiz Results - Ahmedabad – Nirma University top Gujarat

Ahmedabad – Nirma University top Gujarat

Champions, Nirma University: Mayank and Siddharth Seth

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Ahmedabad – Nirma University top Gujarat

Runner Up, MICA:Ashish and Ms.Neha Damle

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At a city where knowledge has always been appreciated and wisdom shared since the days of the Mahatma, teams from all over participated in the state edition of Tata Crucible. A massive crowd of over 400 students enjoyed a prelim of 20 questions that probed the knowledge spectrum of the institutes.

The teams that made it to the final were:

  • NIT Surat: Dhruv Pandey and Abhijeet Singh
  • MICA: Ashish and Ms.Neha Damle
  • NIT Surat: Prashant and Rajarshi
  • Nirma University: Mayank and Siddharth Seth
  • IIM (A): Kishore Seetharam and Dinesh
  • DAIIT: Prath Patel and Karan Panjabi

The early rounds of the final were extremely interesting setting the tone for the finale. The challenge was on the ability of the teams to craft out answers or ‘work them out’ rather than recall facts. While Nirma Univ and IIMA started well, it was not long before NIT Surat with Prashant and Rajarshi caught up.

As the quiz moved from one round to another and into the buzzer phase the tension panned out and Nirma Univ which was leading at this stage took a negative while NIT Surat and IIMA progressed. The MICA team which was not too behind at this stage came up with some splendid answers to get past NIT Surat and got within striking distance of Nirma Univ which was still leading but by a slender margin.

Nirma Univ. at this stage played the game with great care, maturity and composure and did not give an inch to any team holding their own and making it to the national final. MICA finally finishing ahead of NIT and IIMA for a credible runner up slot.


  • WINNER : Nirma University – Mayank and Siddharth Seth
  • RUNNER UP : MICA – Ashish and Ms.Neha Damle