Campus Zone Results - Hyderabad – SIBM Blore and LNMIIT Jaipur win HYD Zonals

Hyderabad – SIBM Blore and LNMIIT Jaipur win HYD Zonals

WINNER : SIBM Bangalore

Ms. Samyuktha and Abhinav Bindra

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Hyderabad – SIBM Blore and LNMIIT Jaipur win HYD Zonals


Deepjyoti Kalita and Aditya Sukanta Chakraborty

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“The newest zone of the event is arguably the toughest” quipped quizmaster Pickbrain as he started proceedings at the Hyderabad zonal of Tata Crucible for campuses 2019. It was the first match of the zonal stage featuring the following eight champions.

Top eight teams at the Hyderabad Zonal

  • SIBM Bangalore :Ms. Samyuktha and Abhinav Bindra
  • NIT Raipur :Vipul Jain and Sandeep Pandey
  • VNIT Nagpur :Akash Yadav and Rahul Bhagat
  • GITAM Inst. of Mgmt Vizag :Ashish Samarpit and Syed Salman
  • LNMIIT Jaipur :Deepjyoti Kalita and Aditya Sukanta Chakraborty
  • NIT(K) Surathkal :Ms. Aditi Gupta and Amal Mohan
  • IIM Indore :Akash Kumar and Deepak R
  • Osmania Medical College Hyderabad :Syed Mustafa Hashmi and Syed Murtuza Hashmi

The game started with SIBM Bangalore taking the first strike and moving into the lead. Early on, IIM Indore also looked sharp as did LNMIIT and the doctors from Hyderabad. As the overs progressed it was SIBM that looked extremely steady and confident playing with enormous surety and taking no undue risks.

The other teams battling was GITAM, IIM Indore, Osmania Medical and LNMIIT. The Osmania medical college team, unlike their style, played a little conservative and that led to missing their scoring opportunities. The duo from LNMIIT was hanging on and on the penultimate question clinched the battle with a firm strike to get into the national finale along with SIBM Bangalore.

The Chairman of CMR Group of Institutions, Mr. Gopala Reddy, gave away the prizes to the teams and advised them to work hard irrespective of what they choose to pursue.