G. Questions and answers

  • TATA SONS will not entertain any claims/questions/queries with respect to the authenticity or correctness of any questions and answers for the questions asked in any round of the Contest.
  • TATA SONS‘s decision on the correctness or incorrectness of any answer is final and binding on all Participants.

H. Timelines

  • The name of the selected winner for that particular Contest will be mentioned on the mobile game application as per the defined schedule.
  • TATA SONS and its sub-contractors shall not be held accountable / liable for any disruptions, stoppages, interruptions, delays, closure or cancellation of the Contest or any part thereof or final gratification or any part of its processes due to any reasons or on account of any factors beyond its control and/or due to force majeure.

I. Media interaction
None of the Participants shall, without the prior written approval of TATA SONS, speak to the Press or any other media or any third person, nor give any interviews or comments relating to any aspect of the Contest or write blogs, post any messages in social networking or any site including but not limited to Facebook and Google Plus. The Participant shall not disclose any information whatsoever relating to TATA SONS, or the Contest to any other party.

J. Additional information

  • Participants may be contacted for any additional information.
  • TATA SONS has the right to ask for documentary proof of information / audit the information provided. If such a request is made and the Participant does not comply within 7 days from the date the request is made, the Participant could be disqualified from participation in the Contest.
  • Information provided by the Participant will be kept confidential and will be used for the purpose of evaluating the Participant’s entry to the Contest and for other purposes as deemed fit by TATA SONS.
  • If, in any State and/or territory or part thereof, the running of this contest is prohibited, the Participants from such State and/or territory or part thereof shall not be eligible to participate in the contest. No further notice shall be given by TATA SONS, in this regard.
  • Decisions taken by TATA SONS shall be final and binding on the participants of the contest. No dispute, of whatsoever nature, in this respect shall be entertained by TATA SONS.
  • The Participant hereby irrevocably authorizes TATA SONS to use the data gathered during and/or after the contest in respect of the participants (including name and photograph etc.). This shall be the property of TATA SONS and TATA SONS shall be entitled to use the same in its communications including marketing promotions and advertisements along with/without TATA SONS‘s brand.
  • With respect to the Application the Participant must not (a) copy, modify or distribute the Application for any purpose; (b) transfer, sublicense, lease, lend, rent or otherwise distribute the Application or the services to any third party; (c) decompile, reverse-engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works of the Application or of any services provided appertenunt thereto; (d) make the functionality of the Application or the services available to multiple users through any means; or (e) use the services in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with these Terms.
  • TATA SONS will not entertain and permit the Participant(s) or any of their representatives to check / audit / challenge the logic of the winner selection process/software.
  • At no point of time will TATA SONS be obliged to notify unsuccessful Participants of its decision.

K. General

  • Participation in the Contest in any manner as described herein shall be considered to be acceptance of these ToU.
  • The Contest is valid for residents of India only.
  • Participant agrees that the Participant is legally capable of entering and, if selected, participating in the Contest and agrees to the ToU and that Participant is competent (i.e. Participant is of legal age and mental capacity) and eligible to enter into this legally binding agreement on Participant.
  • The successful Participants shall be responsible for any additional, incidental expenses required to be incurred to avail and participate in the Contest. All taxes, insurances, and other incidental and related expenses as the case may be, unless specifically stated, are the Participants sole responsibility.
  • Participant must enter the Contest at their own will and TATA SONS is not in any way obligated or liable for any loss or costs that the Participant may suffer or incur and nothing is payable to the Participants for participating in the Contest or any event prior to or following the Contest.
  • Decision of TATA SONS on all matters is final and binding on all Participants and no correspondence will be entertained on the same.
  • In the event these ToU do not cover any question or complaint in relation to the Contest, the same will be concluded on by TATA SONS.
  • The decision of TATA SONS in relation to the interpretation of any of these Terms shall be final and binding on the Participants.
  • The Participants may note that the cost of prizes which would be distributed by TATA SONS to any winner of the Contest would be met from the participation / registration charges collected from the Participants. Subject to the terms hereof, prizes would be distributed to the Participants irrespective of the amount of participation / registration charges collected.
  • If Participants are unclear as to the terms or any element of the Contest or have any queries/concerns pertaining to the Contest, they can write in with their questions, concerns or queries to the following email address :
  • The organizer reserves the right to alter/ amend/ modify any rules of any contest at anytime without any notice whatsoever.
  • The organizer reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this contest at any time without prior notice.