Corporate Quiz Results - Young Tresreis top Trivandrum

Young Tresreis top Trivandrum


TRESREIS TECHNOLOGIES : Jis Sebastian and Feny Joy

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Young Tresreis top Trivandrum


Tata Consultancy Services : Gopalakrishnan and Unnikrishnan

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The scenic city of Trivandrum, witnessed over 100 keen quizzers coming together on an otherwise quiet Saturday afternoon for the city edition of the quiz. The seasoned quizmaster Pickbrain observed that it was heartening to see young teams entering the corporate arena and be part of the quiz.

The fact that this statement would reflect on the outcome of the quiz, was something one did not know at that stage. After a crisp 20 question prelim, the six finalists who made it were:


  • Reserve Bank of India : Appu and Padmaraj
  • UST Global : Umesh and Vivek
  • Tata Consultancy Services : Gopalakrishnan and Unnikrishnan
  • Tresreis Technologies : Jis Sebastian and Feny Joy
  • State Bank of Travancore : Sreekanth Nair and Md. Riza
  • Trancivic : Anton Babu and Leju Jose

The final was an absorbing battle for the first phase with all teams scoring well. While teams cracked posers with great ease, they failed to back themselves with high values on the answers. Taking an early lead, breaking away from the clutter, was the young duo from Tresreis.

The quiz looked tight even into the second segment. However, towards the fag end of the segment, with two powerful high value hits Tresreis cut loose and went past the 300 mark.

In the round that followed it was a fight for the second place between TCS, RBI and SBT, all of whom had done well but could not really break free like Tresreis did.

In the end, it was the young Tresreis team that won their first major corporate title while TCS edged out the others to finish behind the champs. Quizmaster Pickbrain appreciated the fact that many new teams had taken part, this year.

The guest of honour Dr. Kesavasamy, Head TCS Academic Interface Program gave away the prizes. Mr. Prasad, GM, Vivanta by Taj, Trivandrum was also present.

  • WINNER: TRESREIS TECHNOLOGIES : Jis Sebastian and Feny Joy
  • RUNNER UP:Tata Consultancy Services : Gopalakrishnan and Unnikrishnan