Corporate Quiz Results - The Telegraph and mjunction top Kolkata

One never ceases to be amazed at the high levels of quizzing one gets to see at Kolkata, but the 2010 edition of the quiz was a new high achieved even for the local quizzers with decades of experience. The research was appreciated and applauded on numerous occasions as teams first battled a very interesting prelim that led to the finalists.

The six finalists were:


  • TCS: Rajshree Chakroborthy and Rahul Basu
  • Tata Steel: Prabhash Gokarn and Soumya Basu
  • TCS: Bhaskar Datta and Niraj Chaudhary
  • TCS: Bajrang Goyal and Nitesh Jain
  • mjunction : Debashish Mukherjee and Subhasish De
  • TCS : Sudip Kalyan De and Abhishek Das


  • Cognizant: Abheek Maitra and Javed Mullick
  • ITC: Abhijit Bhattacharya and Tanmay Prusty
  • HSBC: Saurabh Deora and Anirvan Bhadra
  • Salva Resources: Jitendra Roy Choudhury and Satya Pal
  • The Telegraph: Subhrangshu Banerjee and Rishin Chatterjee
  • West Bengal Electricity Distribution Corp: Sourav Dutta and Tuhin Sarkar

The Tata track of the quiz was a riveting affair between the defending champions mjunction (Debashish Mukherjee and Subhasish De) and challengers TCS (Sudip Kalyan De and Abhishek Das) and , which went on and on for the entire duration of the quiz only to pause with one question remaining and the score line read mjunction 65, TCS 65 as the entire audience sat at the edge of their seats. Pickbrain hurled the final poser and mjunction inched past TCS to a thunderous applause from the audience.

The non Tata track was a complicated battle that kept fluctuating like the sensex during uncertain times as HSBC, ITC, The Telegraph and Cognizant trading lead positions regularly. The presence of the West Bengal Electricity Board in the final drew a lot of appreciation from the audience.

The buzzer rounds of the quiz and the questions on lateral thinking slowly separated The Telegraph and Cognizant from the others as the final couple of questions were battled with enormous tension resulting in a tie breaker between The Telegraph and Cognizant which the former clinched to register a place in the national final for the first time.


  • WINNER: mjunction – Debashish Mukherjee and Subhasish De
  • RUNNER UP: TCS – Sudip Kalyan De and Abhishek Das


  • WINNER: The Telegraph – Subhrangshu Banerjee and Rishin Chatterjee
  • RUNNER UP: Cognizant – Abheek Maitra and Javed Mullick