Corporate Quiz Results - Tata Steel wins Jamshedpur

Winners: Tata Steel: Mohit Bhatt and Nirmal Tenneti

Runner Up: Tata Steel: Abhishek Gautam and Sudhanshu Kumar

The 2009 corporate edition of Tata Crucible rolled out from Jamshedpur with the first Tata Track contest held here. The quiz attracted all the top quizzers from the Tata city, as always, ensuring a keen contest.

A 25 question prelim was followed by the following six teams making it to the final.

  • Tata Steel: Abhishek Gautam and Sudhanshu Kumar
  • Tata Motors: Arvind Kumar and Sumit Anand
  • Tata Steel: Mohit Bhatt and Nirmal Tenneti
  • Tata Steel: Ranjan Sinha and Ratim Asthana
  • Jusco: Deepak Kamath and Amit Kumar Chaudhary
  • Tata Steel: Gyanendra Karan and Rahul Srinivas

The final started as an even battle and moved closely for the first couple of rounds with no distinct leader. However, once the buzzer rounds started Mohit Bhatt and Nirmal Tenneti from Tata Steel (who have a unique record of making it to the Jamshedpur final six years in a row but never winning it) decided they had waited one too many years to win this quiz and pounded the buzzer with some amazing answers stunning not just the teams and audience but the quizmaster as well.

They went on to win by a substantial margin. Pickbrain appreciated their super performance and said “This victory if not just about brilliance, it is as much about perseverance of a team willing to play the long haul and hang in there for six straight years”.

The runner up title went to Abhishek Gautam and Sudhanshu Kumar on a tie breaker where they got the better of Gyanendra Karan and Rahul Srinivas. Interestingly, for two years in a row now a former champion has fallen at Jamshedpur. Team Jusco were represented by the defending Jamshedpur champion but it just wasn’t their day as they sportingly applauded the teams that got the better of them. In the end, it was a great start to the 2009 edition which now moves to Ranchi and Patna for the first time.