Corporate Quiz Results - Tata Chemicals and DCB Bank win Pune

Over 150 teams, a packed hall and fantastic mix of questions was just the right combination that a knowledge enthused Pune audience was thriving for. The regional edition of Tata Crucible was a thriller from the word go with some truly engrossing questions in the prelim that kept everyone at the edge of their seats.

Tata Track Finalists

  • TCS:Abhishek and Suchir Sen
  • Tata Chemicals:Ramesh Verma and Dr.Satyanarayana
  • Advinus:Suraj Menon and Siddhartha De
  • TCS:Sowmya and Abha
  • Tata Chemicals:Chintan TG and Ravi A
  • Tata Motors:Shalbal C and Ms.Vasavadatta

Non Tata Track Finalists

  • eClerkx:Sagar and Prasad L
  • DCB Bank:Ashish Singh and Samrat Mukherjee
  • MindTickle:Ravi Handa and S.Bhandari
  • Cognizant:Sumedh V and Ameya Manel
  • John Deere:Darshan and Kapil Baviskar
  • Amdocs:Gagandeep Arora and Chitanya P

The Tata track was a thriller with all teams getting off to brisk starts. If it was Advinus & TCS (Sowmya and Abha) that looked good in the first couple of rounds, it was a matter of time before Tata Chemicals (Chintan and Ravi) and Tata Motors caught up and moved ahead of the rest in the next couple of rounds. The battle was so even that it came down to the final round when Tata Chemical held their own and made it for the first time to the national final, while it was off the final question that Tata Chemicals got the better of TCS (Abhishek and Suchir Sen).

In the non Tata track of the quiz, DCB, EClerx and Mind tickle got off to early starts while DCB gained some more ground with some good cracks to tough posers. Leading the way into the second half of the quiz, the DCB did take a couple of negatives but not too many teams could capitalise the moment. Mindtickle did try to gain turf but actually ended with negatives. E-Clerx managed to get a few consistent answers in to move closer to DCB while Cognizant and John Deere could not really find the momentum to challenge wither eClerx or DCB. Amdocs did well in the latter half to score a few but it was really too little too late for them.

At the end of it all DCB held their own to win the day while e-Clerx played it sensibly to ensure they got themselves to the runner up position. The Chief Guest Mr.Harish Patak, MD Tata Bluescope expressed his happiness at seeing young corporate India being ‘well informed and with the ability to think fast”.


Results(Tata Track)

  • WINNER: Tata Chemicals – Chintan T Gosaliya and Ravi Adgulwar
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Motors- Shalbal C and Ms.Vasavadatta

Results(Non Tata Track)

  • WINNER: DCB Bank – Ashish Singh and Samrat Mukherjee
  • RUNNER UP: eClerkx – Sagar and Prasad L