Corporate Quiz Results - Savoir Faire retains Goa

WINNER: Savoir Faire - Harshavadhan and Rajiv D'Silva

RUNNER UP: Thermax: Splash Commincations - Ameya Mardolkar and Aniruddha Sengupta

A classy audience that appreciated knowledge and cheered all the teams that produced stunning answers marked the final at Goa. Earlier in the evening a 20 question prelim led to the following teams making it to the final.

The six finalists were:

  • Cadbury India: Ms.Amrita R and Chella Pandyan
  • Syngenta: Raghavendra Rai and Joseph De Sousa
  • Interactive Agencies: Mahesh Prabhu and Prem Sharma
  • Bharti Airtel: Ms.Pragati Katyal and Waghesh Zade
  • Splash Commincations: Ameya Mardolkar and Aniruddha Sengupta
  • Savoir Faire: Harshavadhan and Rajiv D’Silva

A lively final started with all teams looking equally capable in the early rounds. The first hint of a break away from the clutter came in the buzzer round as a couple of teams, especially Splash did well to move on and get away from the others.

In the mean time Savoir Faire, the champs over the last two years kept consolidating their position and lead. The round on lateral thinking produced some thought driven answers especially from Splash and Savoir Faire.

In the final round of the quiz four teams had a chance of winning the quiz but the ever so consistent duo from Savoir Faire did the unthinkable by maxing the round leaving no chance to any other team. Splash finished a very credible second while Airtel and Cadbury would follow.