Corporate Quiz Results - Savoir Faire dominate Panaji

Winners: SAVOIR FAIRE MEDIA - Rajiv D'Silva & Harshavardhan B

Runner Up: SPLASH COMM. - Vidhyadhar G & Aniruddha Sen Gupta

Panaji witnessed its second corporate edition of Crucible with a far greater participation compared to year ago and far higher scores in the prelim indicating a growing interest for the quiz in the region.

The following six teams made it to the final from the prelim.

  • SYNGENTA (I) LTD – G R Pai & Joseph D’Souza
  • SAVOIR FAIRE MEDIA – Rajiv D’Silva & Harshavardhan B
  • BETTS (I) PVT LTD – Subrata Bose & Ishwar Das
  • HUL – Rishek Alag & Sunil Singh
  • SPLASH COMM. – Vidhyadhar G & Aniruddha Sen Gupta

The final started with defending champions Savoir Faire getting off to an early start and a quick lead. As the quiz progressed for one round to another they simply started stamping their authority on the quiz with some amazing answers to be applauded by the rival teams as well. From the penultimate round it was only a matter of what would be the margin of victory for the defending champs.

The quiz though remained an edge of seat thriller because four teams were in the battle for the second spot. The final round of the quiz proved to be an absolute entertainer for the audience as HUL took the risk on the first question but ended up with a negative. They were followed by other teams with gained and lost points on the buzzer to eventually end the final with a three way tie for the runner up spot.

Splash Communication got the tie breaker question right to win themselves Rs.35,000/- and a host of goodies while Savoir Faire quite literally stormed into the national final with an emphatic victory and took home a cash prize of Rs.75,000/- and the goodies.