Corporate Quiz Results - Persistent wins Nagpur with patience

Persistent wins Nagpur with patience

WINNER: Persistent Systems

Kartik Vyas and Ms. Gayatri Phadnis

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Persistent wins Nagpur with patience

RUNNER UP: AG Enterprises

Mrinmay M and Piyush Ramteke

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After the father-son duo won a Tata Crucible for the first time at Coimbatore, it was the turn of a husband and wife duo to retain the title, which they did on the final questions of a nervous evening of quizzing, at Nagpur.

Pickbrain started proceedings as close to 100 teams were part of the prelim, the teams were well prepared for the evening. The six finalists were:


  • Unity Traders: Ankit Agarwal and Ms. Unchita Agrawal
  • Trust Systems: Ankur Jaiswal and Ajinkya Shahane
  • Persistent Systems: Kartik Vyas and Ms. Gayatri Phadnis
  • AG Enterprises: Mrinmay M and Piyush Ramteke
  • Vishnu Enterprises: Akhil Singh and Padmanabhan Pillai
  • Mahakali Polytex : Nikhil M and Sumedh

The final was an interesting battle with teams taking a lot of negatives and at the end of the first segment the team leading was comically, on zero! Pickbrain was at his witty best keeping the audience in splits with his wise cracks and encouraging style of hosting.

As the quiz moved from one segment to another, the lead positions fluctuated until finally the duo from Persistent systems who were trailing for a long time but patiently waited for questions they knew, came up trumps to retain the title.

A tie between AG Enterprises and Mahakali Polytex for the runner up position was won by the former while Unity Traders which did well in the first half lost out taking way too many negatives.

Mr. Jayant Zotling of TAL Manufacturing aptly summarised the finale and said “Persistent showed persistence but clubbed it well with patience, the combination is good to be a winner.” as he gave away the prizes.

A fantastic evening of quizzing for a city that has been showing a lot of interest for the mind sport over the last couple of years.