Corporate Quiz Results - Novartis Stunning Win at Bangalore

Novartis Stunning Win at Bangalore


Novartis Abhishek Kumar and Subrata Dass

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Novartis Stunning Win at Bangalore


OYO Rooms Tamany Prosty and Satish Iyer

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The Bangalore edition of Tata Crucible has always been a big draw. The city is known to be a very savvy business quiz hub with loads of talented corporate teams here.

Seasoned quizmaster Pickbrain who hails from this city only knew the pulse too well to peg the prelim clearly a few notches above other cities thus far.The teams that made it to the final were:


  • Novartis: Abhishek Kumar and Subrata Dass
  • OYO Rooms: Tamany Prosty and Satish Iyer
  • MU Sigma: Suvam Palo and Vishwanath Jeyaraman
  • Amazon: Vinod Shankar and Sri Krishna
  • Standard Chartered Bank: Vikram Anand and Ramamoorthy C.
  • Small Case Technologies Holding Co.: Arjun Bharadwaj and Harshwardhan Sharma

In a final that featured very absorbing questions, the duo from Novartis got underway and was firing on all cylinders. They were quickly onto 250 points.

Oyo Rooms with senior quizzers now part of this company caught up soon to put on a fight. All the other teams tried valiantly but could not make headway. The battle was head-on with Oyo doing their best, but Novartis seemed too well prepared to let go of any turf.

They won the quiz in style registering a record score surpassing the Hyderabad record set by Sai Mitra Construction. The quiz had many Tata Crucible stalwarts and previous champions in attendance akin to a Wimbledon.