Corporate Quiz Results - Infy logs in from Hyderabad


Infosys - Sridhar Reddy and Surendra Reddy


IBM - Raghuram S and Raghuram K

Calm, Cool and Consistent were the three ‘Cs’ the quizmaster used to describe the Hyderabad champions Infosys. A turnout of close to a 100 teams ensured the prelim was a tight, close battle with the following teams making it to the final…


  • Infosys: Sridhar Reddy and Surendra Reddy
  • Cognizant: Shubh Mittal and Medha Krishnamurthy
  • Mahindra Satyam: Murali Duggineni and Nirad Inamdar
  • Infosys: Rajesh Kalva and Karthik K
  • IBM: Raghuram S and Raghuram K
  • Deloitte: Niket and Jai Prabhu

The final started on a crisp note with as many as four teams getting off the blocks quickly and lead the battle into the second round. The visuals were tricky and tough but the teams dug deep to produce some stunning answers. The duo from Infy (Sridhar and Surendra), Mahindra Satyam, IBM and Deloitte were running close to each other akin a marathon.

The quiz moved into the buzzer rounds and the gaps started to emerge. The Infy duo of Rajesh and Karthik cracked a few and missed a few to effectively gain not much ground, while IBM cracked a couple on the world of Tatas, Mahindra Satyam took two negatives in succession and recovered with one good strike while Sridhar and Surendra were now ahead of the rest, albeit by a whisker.

Team Deloitte which did well in the first couple of rounds could not find the momentum with the buzzers as the quiz moved into the final round. Cognizant seemed to know a few answers but were reluctant on the buzzer could not garner too many at the this stage to pose any threat, while Mahindra Satyam tried their best to catch up with leading Infy duo but fell short.

Team Infy (Sridhar and Surendra) played the final rounds very well to ensure they took no negatives and in the process log-in their names to the national final leaving IBM and Deloitte to battle a tie breaker for the second slot which the former clinched. IBM also won the hearts of many as they announced they would contribute a substantial part of their prize money to the Tata Medical Center.

The guest of honour Mr.Vinayak Deshpande from Tata Projects congratulated the teams and gave away the prizes to the champions.